Tutoring is available in all areas over the summer, including in languages such as Mandarin, French and Spanish, elementary school, secondary school, computer programming, and adult education.  We especially encourage those interested in summer tutoring to reserve their slots now.  A $200 deposit will hold you a place in our busy summer schedule, and will be put toward tutoring as soon as the summer program begins. Reserve a summer tutoring slot now at

College Application Coaching

The best college applications contain a well-developed essay that showcases the personal strengths of the student who wrote it.  If your soon-to-graduate high schooler does nothing else during the summer to prepare for the college application process, he or she should consider developing an essay for the common application, with the personal guidance of a gifted English teacher who now focuses almost exclusively on this sort of essay work.  Reserve now:

ISEE & SSAT Test Preparation 

Private test preparation for the Fall ISEE and SSAT will be offered this summer to Elementary and Middle School students who plan to apply to a competitive private school in the 2020-2021 school year.   Reserve now:

SAT & ACT Test Preparation

We offer SAT and ACT test preparation for those entering seniors wishing to improve their scores by retaking tests in the Fall. We also encourage students entering into 11th grade to consider devoting some of their summer to preparing for the upcoming tests. Finally, year-round students are encouraged to begin prepping for the SAT and ACT by January. Our one-on-one test preparation is tailored to individuals’ specific strengths and weaknesses.  Do you have a friend you'd like to work together with?  While we find that one-on-one test preparation tends to be the most effective strategy, we also work with pairs or small groups. Reserve now:

Upcoming SAT & ACT Test PREP class March 4th - April 11th, 2019

We are offering our first ever SAT Prep class this winter. It will run from March 3rd - April 24th and will be limited to 8 students. Students are encouraged to reserve their spots anytime, with a $100 deposit. The course will cost $360 and will run for 15 hours after school (and on one Sunday). It will meet on a weekday evening that best suits the students who are signed up. It will include one graded practice test.

Grade-based math review (Grades 2-12+) 

Data shows that students who do math throughout the summer enter their Fall classes with increased confidence and chance of success in their new grade. Individual tutoring or mini-classes (offered based on demand) sharpen a child's math skills over the summer.  We also can offer an intense math routine for a student hoping to test into a particular high school or college math class.  Reserve now: for Summer. For year-round tutoring we have several very strong island tutors. Please call 920-410-4577.

Beginning Reading

Help your child to practice reading skills together with a reading specialist. For those interested we have certified Wilson Reading specialists.  Otherwise there are reading specialists for all levels and all learning styles.  Reserve now:


Learning computer programming will enhance an individual’s ability to understand the computer systems that are the bedrock of schools in the 21st century and modern society in general. By learning coding through fun exercises and projects, students will become more tech-literate and may develop deeper interests that turn into career paths. Students could learn SCRATCH (a visual elementary-level coding language), PYTHON (an introductory word-based coding language), R (an advanced statistics-based coding language), or they could work on building simple websites. Individual or small groups are welcome. Reserve now:

Adult language learning

Learn from the beginning or improve your language skills with our experienced tutors in: French, Spanish, Portuguese or Mandarin.